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Should Your Business Use Teachable? A Leading Platform for Course Creation and Management

Lately, finding reliable sources of income that allow for schedule and location flexibility – primarily self-managed and from home – has become a goal for many.

Teachable encourages people to monetize their personal expertise. It also allows learners and educators to connect in meaningful ways and further their journeys in mastering the subjects they’re most passionate about.

What Is Teachable

Teachable is an online software platform that enables comprehensive course creation and management. It’s designed to help individuals apply their knowledge to generating teachable, marketable online courses, e-commerce tools, and digital products.

With more than $1 billion in courses and coaching materials sold by over 100,000 creators, it’s a means of getting paid for sharing what one knows.

There’s no limit to what can be taught and learned on Teachable. Popular class categories include health and fitness, academics, and the arts.

What’s Offered on the Platform

Teachable is a powerful way to share skills and information. The system takes care of numerous details that might otherwise be challenging, and users rave about the platform’s available support.

The software is known for its ease of use in providing many customization options, offering a great deal of freedom to create personalized schools, develop detailed courses, and curate unique content.

Perhaps the best aspect of Teachable is the ability to earn money. Many users claim to earn the majority of their income through teaching scalable online courses. Moreover, Teachable has an attractive affiliate program that allows participants to boost their earnings.

Getting Started With Teachable

The first step to getting started with Teachable is creating an account. It would be wise to use a referral discount, also granting a known user a bonus reward for their part in expanding the platform’s reach.

Starting an account with Teachable for the purpose of creating, selling, and managing original online courses means opening an online school to host various offerings, like courses, training sessions, and other products.

Creating Products

Creating products tends to be the bread and butter of Teachable. The options for a new product type are coaching or course. Courses involve text, video, quizzes, etc., whereas coaching typically involves one-on-one services.

Courses and digital coaching products can both be offered in bundles from one school. Courses can also be leveled to allow incremental access upon completion of prerequisites.

Each new product creation page will prompt for basic information, such as name and summary. This can be revisited later if more detail is desired.

Additional Features

There’s a huge range of additional features to explore and personalize each product, such as time limits, ordering requirements, minimum quiz scores, mandatory video viewings, and more.

Featured product blocks can highlight certain offerings on a school’s landing page. From there, customers are directed to the appropriate sales page. Additionally, content can be released on a timed schedule, coupons can be offered, and certificates of completion can be granted to course graduates.

More customization features include domain personalization and method of payment. There’s also a variety of more advanced features for users to take increasing advantage of the platform’s tools as their experience with the site grows.

Useful Resources

A recommended starting point when building an online school on Teachable is utilizing the site’s own tools and training resources. These are extremely helpful in guiding new users in launching the most successful, audience-attracting courses.

Numerous articles on Teachable and the web can aid in the experience of first-time users. There are tons of features to take advantage of with Teachable, so tips from successful users can be invaluable.

Teachable promotes a sense of community among its members and encourages networking for an improved user experience. They offer various pricing options for membership and ongoing customer service support.

Final Thoughts

In a time when people are increasingly seeking the freedom to work from home on their own schedules, Teachable is a brilliant way to connect people and promote accessible educational experiences worldwide while getting experts paid for their skills.

Teachable offers a wealth of helpful resources for getting started and expanding a school on the platform. No matter one’s level of tech-savviness, Teachable makes itself accessible to all users.

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