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Building a Billion-Dollar Brand

Many entrepreneurs enter their chosen fields with wide-eyed optimism. Not only do things like paperwork and other not-so-glamorous parts of running a business catch up to them eventually, but many of them gradually realize that certain personality traits succeed more than others. 

Here are some helpful tips for leveraging certain personal qualities to build a successful brand.

Have a Relatable, Successful Image 

Part of the reason people like Bill Gates attract as much attention as they do is that they know how to manage their image. They are not just admired; people want to be like them. They know that and realize that, in order to sell their products, the faces of a brand have to market the “this could be you” fantasy. 

If billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg were too eccentric, they would not be relatable. Many billionaires start from humble beginnings that really are not that humble when one digs deeper. They craft their image such that people believe those stories regardless. 

Be Punctual and Professional 

In most business spheres, it is vital to be on time for meetings and appear ready for work. Don’t be late, and also plan to be ready for the day. Rushing and fumbling do not make a business look good. 

Likewise, it is wise to have all relevant business documentation ready for any meetings, especially with government offices. Having this documentation will not only help the business be perceived as more professional but also help it stay legally compliant.

If anything, business owners should be early to any appointments. It makes the other people involved feel valued and respected. A business should project a professional appearance, even if they are brand new. First impressions matter. 

Be a Tough Cookie 

Even though the world has gotten more empathetic, business owners need spines. Being a people-pleaser will wear a new business owner down faster than one lousy customer. 

There is also something to be said for picking one’s battles. It may not be worth answering every single tweet. It is impossible to please everybody, so it behooves a business to stick to its own values. 

If nothing else, entrepreneurs need to know what their work is worth and never settle for anything less. It behooves any business not to deal with anyone who does not acknowledge what their product or service is worth.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes 

A common pitfall of planning a business is overplanning. This comes from a simple fear of not wanting to make a mistake. Many entrepreneurs expect perfection in no small part because billionaires project diamond-grade flawlessness. 

But there’s a secret to their shine: nobody is flawless. Million-dollar businesses do not happen overnight. And disasters and windfalls can drastically alter whatever plans someone makes. 

Mistakes happen. Perfectionism is the real enemy. Sometimes brands have to settle for “just good enough”—especially when they are still clawing their way to the top. 

All businesses come with a degree of risk. And, like all risks, they can be unpredictable—and imperfect. 

What matters is how businesses react to these mistakes. A company that receives bad feedback and learns from it is better (and less suspicious) than a company with perfect 5-star reviews that can do no wrong. 

The Takeaway

Many potential entrepreneurs look at billionaires and immediately want a life like that. American culture is saturated with “rags to riches” stories that make it easy for anyone to think they can do it, too. 

Certain personality types are more likely to become stellar entrepreneurs than others. Still, by knowing what works and what doesn’t and by persevering through adversity, being the next billion-dollar brand owner is within reach for anyone.

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