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Inspiring Entrepreneurs of 2023

Who has been lighting up the entrepreneurial scene lately, and who will carry the torch into 2023? Great minds do great work, and several top entrepreneurs have established themselves as leaders making a real difference.

This guide covers some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of the year, with details of their projects and an outline of their vision. It’s time to get inspired.

Rupa Dash

Rapidly becoming a household name in advancing opportunities for women around the globe, Rupa Dash is an Indian entrepreneur with an impressive resume and huge plans. She works in the Hollywood entertainment industry as the CEO of Dash Global Media, a successful media management enterprise.

She’s also associated with Brillstein Entertainment Partners, one of Hollywood’s leading entertainment management groups. Through these organizations, she’s overseen numerous successful media ventures and puts opportunities for women in the entertainment industry at the forefront of her mission.

Her work for women globally is more than impressive. Dash co-founded and runs the World Women Foundation, an organization that aims to provide support, empowerment, and opportunities for over 1m women and girls globally by 2030. Its network is constantly growing and runs thousands of Global Mentorship Programs providing capital support for women in numerous countries.

She’s a pioneer and role model for Indian women entrepreneurs – she was the first woman to receive the International Telecom Union Award from the UN. Dash continues to do impressive work in Hollywood and around the world; she’s one of the top entrepreneurs to watch in 2023 and throughout the decade. 

Bobby Kim

Bobby Kim is the CEO of First Choice Credit. He learned through years of experience working in the credit industry that education about how credit works in the US was extremely poor. He set up his company to provide clients with better information about credit and delivers a more accessible product.

Credit restoration and repair is a challenge for millions of Americans, and the services that Kim’s company provides are desperately needed. Changemakers and disrupters can make a huge difference by providing ordinary Americans with higher-quality information to inform their decision-making – if Kim’s mission is successful, it could be for the benefit of all.

Josh Felber 

Josh Felber is a charismatic and successful serial entrepreneur and author. Many entrepreneurs start early, and Felber comes from this mold; he started his first business aged 14. Since then, he’s gone from strength to strength with JF Ventures, building a network of over a dozen successful businesses.

Felber is a great example of an entrepreneur who seems to have more than 24 hours in a day. Besides his success in business, he’s co-written two books on the business world, won an Emmy Award as the executive producer for a documentary, is the father of 3 children, and husband to his wife.

In fact, Felber puts his family, faith, and fitness at the heart of his success story. Far from considering it a plate-balancing act, he views a fulfilling, multi-faceted life as integral to finding fulfillment as an entrepreneur.

Tara Mackey

Tara Mackey is a bestselling author, scientist, and entrepreneur behind the company Genetix and a platform known as The Organic Life, which promotes healthy, sustainable living. She’s written two books and conducted extensive research in support of her mission to help people live healthier lives without making financial or personal sacrifices.

Mackey’s business produces a range of holistic products that offer an alternative to surgical or intensive chemical procedures for women. As people become ever-more focused on a healthy lifestyle, Mackey’s brand is one to watch in 2023.

Looking Forward

Nobody’s ever sure where the next breakaway success story will come from. Those who are already blazing a trail are worth keeping an eye on – they’ve proven their mettle as entrepreneurs and will likely continue to dazzle in 2023. Let’s keep watching.

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